Come SUP in Waikiki todayHere is a quick little video with some pointers on stand up paddling for your first time. When you are here visiting Waikiki, you can come down to the water at Ala Moana and start surfing today. That is why SUP is growing so fast. It’s easy to get your stoke on from the get go. Sure, you should play around in the calm water, getting your balance. Ala Moana, in Waikiki,  has a great section of water that is protected from the big waves, so you can spend some time getting a feel for the stand up paddle board.  Once you feel comfortable, you can go on out and feel the surge of the ocean. The other great advantage of the stand up board is that you can get right back in the action much easier with the paddle. With conventional surfing, you have to be a strong paddler to avoid being knocked back by the waves when you are trying to get back to the line up. The paddle makes it much faster to get outside and back to a good spot to launch from. Once to catch your first little swell, you will be hooked.

If there is not much surf, it is still a blast. You can paddle on the ocean and see turtles, fish, urchin and loads of other marine life as you take a little adventure.

Give us a call and come on down today for some fun in the Waikiki surf.


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